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The Club is committed to doing everything we can to help keep you safe this season, so you can focus on having a great time at the Club and in the mountains. It takes everyone's compassion, care, and personal responsibility to ensure a safe experience this summer. We appreciate your support in making this a successful season!
With rapidly changing public health orders, we ask that you follow current state and local COVID-19 guidelines during your time at the Club and Resort.  For information on local guidelines, visit  For state guidelines, visit

To learn more about our safety protocols, please read on.
Face coverings will be required to access the Clubhouse and in all indoor spaces. Face coverings should follow C.D.C. guidelines, with two or more layers of fabric that completely cover your nose and mouth, and they should not have vents, valves, or holes. 
The Club will follow the capacity limits set by state and local COVID-19 guidelines.
Whenever possible, the Club will require physical distancing to take place between unrelated parties.
The guiding principle for the Club this summer in an ever-changing landscape is to provide members and guests the best experience in compliance with the State of Colorado COVID risk parameters and State Dial guidelines.  The Clubs tentative operating plans, scheduled activities, available amenities, and planned services can, will likely be adjusted, and are subject to change.
We are committed to providing regular updates to our members through this web page and will send periodic updates via email to alert you of our plans.  Please check back to the page often as it will contain the most up-to-date Club plans and information.

Important Dates 

  • Course Open: May 7th (Weather-Dependent)  
  • Tennis Center Open:  May 28th (Weather-Dependent)  
  • Mountain Club House Open:  June 1st 
  • Rendezvous Open for Member Breakfast:  May 7th  
  • Rendezvous Open for Lunch:  May 7th  
  • Rendezvous Open for Dinner:  June 18th  
  • Demo Day:  June 14th  
    • Cobra & Titleist 
  • Demo Day:  June 21st  
    • Callaway & Taylormade 
  • Ladies’ Member-Member:  June 23rd  
  • Men’s Member-Member:  June 29th  
  • LYNX – Ladies' Member-Guest:  July 11th - 13th  
  • TALONS – Men's Member-Guest:  August 4th - 7th  
  • Course Closure: October 3rd  
Click here for the Current Tournament Schedule
  • The Club is working through all of the details for how the tournament schedule will be executed, and all tournaments will be subject to State and County health guidelines. Due to the continually changing nature of public health guidelines, we are unable to confirm at this time if awards dinners for these larger events will be possible this summer. 
We are hopeful to open the course to members in early May and are currently targeting a May 7th opening date. (Weather-Dependent). 
  • Tee Times: We anticipate moving back to 10-minute tee time intervals this season.   
  • Practice Areas: Practice areas will be open and operational throughout the season. The driving range and short game area will open on May 7th (Weather-Dependent.) 
  • Golf Shop: We plan to open on May 7th. The golf shop will be open and available for shopping to both members and guests for the 2021 season.  
  • Golf Instruction: Individual lessons and clinics will be available beginning May 7th. All participants taking a lesson will need to fill out a Covid-19 pre-screen form prior to showing up for your lesson. 
  • Locker Rooms: Based on current State and County health guidelines, we plan to open the Member Locker Rooms and Member Lounge with capacity restrictions.
  • Guest Policy: All guests must be accompanied by a member unless they plan to tee off after 10 am, outside of Charter member times.
  • Etiquette: We ask that members and guests practice social distancing at all times in and around the clubhouse. All member and guests are required to wear a face covering upon arrival, in all indoor areas including restrooms and outdoor areas where you are within 6 feet of un-related parties or employees. 

We anticipate opening the Beaver Creek Tennis Center on Friday, May 28th (Weather-Dependent) and currently plan to have the Tennis Courts open seven days a week throughout the season.    

  • Courts: Our current operating plan will allow play on the five Clay Courts and two Hard Courts (Multiuse Tennis/Pickle)  
  • Pro Shop: Our current plan is to be operational seven days a week from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm for the 2021 season. Capacity restrictions will be in place.  
  • Weekly Events: We are optimistic about holding Men’s Day, Ladies Day, and Round Robin Mixed Doubles throughout the season.  Pre-registration will be required for these events.  
  • Tennis Instruction: Clinics and Private Lessons will be available this season, along with clinics for children. All participants will need to fill out a COVID-19 pre-screen form before arrival and follow all State and County physical distancing guidelines.   
  • Etiquette: We ask that members and guests practice physical distancing at all times in and around the Pro Shop and Courts. All members and guests are required to wear a face-covering upon arrival, in all indoor areas, including restrooms and outdoor areas where you are within 6 feet of un-related parties or employees (including instructors). 

The private Mountain Clubhouse currently plans to open for the summer season on Tuesday, June 1st. We will adhere to the latest State and County public health orders to operate safely so you can enjoy your experience and time at the Club. 

  • Spring Closure: Clubhouse will close at the end of day Sunday, April 11th. Managers will be available Monday – Friday by email, phone or appointment. 
  • Early Summer Season: Clubhouse will be open June 1st through June 25th, Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  
  • Core Summer Season: Clubhouse will be open June 26th through September 5th, 7 days a week 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Breakfast served daily 8:00 – 11:00 am.
  • Late Summer Season: Clubhouse will be open September 6th through October 1st, Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. 

Check back soon for additional details. 
Member Breakfast:  Member Complimentary Breakfast will be available daily one-half hour prior to the first tee time.  No self-service buffets will be available this season. Grab-and-go hot and cold items as well as drinks will be available from a staff attended station in the member's lounge. The Rendezvous Restaurant will offer hot menu options in addition to the complimentary breakfast. Dine in and takeout breakfast options will be available from the Rendezvous Restaurant.  
Lunch at The Rendezvous Restaurant:  May 7th through October 3rd The Rendezvous Restaurant will offer a lunch menu between the hours of 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Lunch service will include both dine in table service as well as takeout options. Rendezvous will remain open from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm where we will operate with a grab-and-go bar meu.  Please click here to view our Lunch Menu.
Dinner at The Rendezvous Restaurant:  We are working through our final plans for dinner service.  Details on dinner will be communicated soon.  
Sandwedges (Halfway House):  Sandwedges will be open May 7th through October 3rd for both Members and Resort guests.  We will be offering a menu of pre-packed cold options and snacks.  Member complimentary items will be available in addition to the menu.  
Tournaments:  We are excited to reinstate our tournament program for the 2021 season at the Beaver Creek Golf Club.  The Beaver Creek Golf Club management and culinary team are currently working on details surrounding the Food & Beverage offerings for our featured tournaments.
*Currently at this time we are not anticipating any bar seating 
*Once Menus are finalized, we will publish them on this webpage 

Check back soon for additional details. 
We are hopeful to provide a full calendar of member actives and will finalize these plans in the coming weeks.

Check back soon for additional details. 
While we are hopeful that some limited social events can come back this summer, the Club will follow the State and County health guidelines for social gathering and require physical distancing.  This will make implementing social events challenging this summer. 

The Club will continue to monitor the State and County health guidelines and update members on plans for these events later in April or May.
Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present.  The Club has implemented protocols to prioritize member and guest health and safety, but we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed to COVID-19 during your visit.  The risk of being exposed or becoming sick due to COVID-19 cannot be eliminated.  Every member and their guests share the responsibility for a safe and healthy experience at the Club.  It is your responsibility to read and comply with all instructions and signage posted at the resort and on the Club and resort's website.  Stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.  Wear a face covering in designated areas and maintain at least 6 feet physical distancing from other guests. Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.